Lifting Above Violence Fundraiser

About 10 months ago a fellow bootcamper and friend of mine Bek was in a pub, she became the victim of a cowardly act that was committed by a man. With one unprovoked punch to the back of her head, her life changed. That night, she was admitted to hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Eight months later, she is still experiencing seizures.

Instead of retreating into herself, she started a campaign to change the way people think act and talk about the cowardly act of hitting someone from behind. She started a Facebook page Stop the Coward Punch. Its sole purpose was to increase the awareness of these cowardly acts and to make people realise that it should not happen.

Bek is now an ambassador for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation their vision statement is “Our vision is to foster a more responsible drinking culture and ultimately a safer and healthier community, so that everyone can enjoy our streets without fear or intimidation of a violent and often unprovoked attack.  It’s every Australian’s right to be able to enjoy our beautiful cities without undue peer pressure and crime.”

Deep down Bek is a bootcamper, she wanted to do something to raise some money and spread the awareness but also wanted to have a little fun doing it. So she spoke to Trent and Sarah at CrossFit Coorparoo and they formed this Lifting Above Violence Fundraiser event. The concept was to lift 30,000kg that day, with every 10kg being $1, and like all CrossFit, there is no point just doing it unless you do it great! The event raised over $4000 for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, thats over 40,000kg!

Awesome work by the people lifting and the teams who raised money. A team of 4 girls from CrossFit Rocks took home the trophy with the most money raised! There were lots of people who did their PB (personal best) on the day as well.

Here are a few images from the event.

141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0465.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0031.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0030.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0457.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0447.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0339.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0094.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0142.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0158.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0169.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0386.jpg141011 CFC Deadlift for Stokesy 0404.jpg

Use this hastag #StopTheCowardPunch

Here is our Facebook gallery from the event


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