CrossFit Open 15.1 and 15.1a

The CrossFit Open is an international event, it is a series of 5 WOD’s  (workouts) that are posted on-line with instructions on what the movements are, and every one who registers has a chance to do the workout and record their result. You do the workout in front of a judge at your local CrossFit box, and then record your results. The top 30 in Australia will head to the Regionals and will have an opportunity to represent their CrossFit box at a Australia wide event held in June.

CrossFit Open 15.1 and 15.1a is the first WOD of 5 WOD’s, it included toes to bar, deadlifts and snatches, in a AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 9 minutes, and was finished off by a 6 min time limit to do your maximum clean and jerk.

I plan to cover each of the 5 WOD’s at a different CrossFit box each week, to give a wider perspective of the boxes around Brisbane and maybe be able to show off some of the best athletes in Brisbane.

Here are some images from CrossFit Coorparoo which is the box I train at, keep your eyes peeled as I may be at your CrossFit box next.

150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 105.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 139.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 340.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 117.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 190.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 119.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 156.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 166.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 203.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 209.jpg150228 CFC CrossFit Open 15.1 268.jpg


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