Rise for the Fallen 2015

With ANZAC day coming up and our Defence Force always ready to go to action, there will always be a need for something like The Legacy Foundation, “Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today Legacy’s caring and compassionate service assists over 90,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependants with a disability”

So CrossFit Ruthless decided to start a fundraiser for Legacy in the form of a Teams CrossFit Competition. They aptly called it “Rise for the Fallen”, it was more than just a four WOD’s, the fundraising for Legacy was also part of the overall competition. There was a dawn service before the event started with the local high school’s band playing and laying of wreaths in front of pictures of four fallen soldiers. The minutes silence really humbled you, it made you realise that we are very lucky that we have what we have because of the people who have fought for where we are today.

The four WOD’s were named after fallen soldiers,  Leydon-McDonald, Beckwith, Cashman and Brewster, if you would like to know what the WOD’s were please have a look at the CrossFit Ruthless / Rise for the Fallen Facebook site. All I will say about them is I was glad I was photographing them and not doing them, they were very tough, the most pain faces I have seen at event ever. I think the chipper WOD with snatches and the complex back to back was hard for a lot of the athletes, but in true CrossFit style no one complained, they just dug deep and got to it.

The event ran very smoothly and the organisation of the overall event was a credit to the team of volunteers from CrossFit Ruthless and the work done by Lisa, well done to all who helped, the Legacy BBQ was great!

Now for the winners, the RX division was hotly contested and was still very close, the team from CrossFit Alive finished three of the WOD’s in first place, they also raised the most for Legacy, awesome work guys. A team from CrossFit The Stables  come in 2nd place with a team from the new formed affiliate CrossFit Might coming in third.

The scaled division saw the CFC Punks come first, with the Kiwi’s and the Quokkas 2nd and the NT4R team come in third.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of your teams photos, send me an email with your team name, division and heat number preferably with a team photo.

If you would like to me to cover your next event to capture the pulse of your event please contact me.

150418 Rise for the Fallen  3237_1.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3230_1.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3223.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3221.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3220.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0019.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0094.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0053.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0073.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0109.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0125.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0127.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0154.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0157.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0159.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0253.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0254.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0382.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0730.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  0907.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  1977.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  2272.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  2400.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3212.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3219.jpg150418 Rise for the Fallen  3216.jpg

Here is some more content from my Facebook page of the event



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