Clash on the Coast 2015

68 teams made their way to the Clash on the Coast 2015 run by Coastal CrossFit in Kawana, it was a beautiful day with lots of sun and not a cloud in the sky! The event was broken into 4 WOD’s two indoor with weights and two outdoor that were mainly body weight, but all of them had one common theme, they relied on part or all of the team to complete the WOD.

My favourite WOD was the 12 minute thruster ladder.The bar was not allowed to touch the ground, otherwise a 30 second penalty would be given. Every three minutes the load was increase, and the bar was loaded by the other team members while one of the team held the bar in the rack position. Some of the teams looked like a Formula 1 pit crew, changing weights quickly and flawlessly in one fluid motion. It was truly a sight to see.

The team tactics that were employed in this WOD were just amazing. As the photographer walking about, I could hear the whispers here and there about how and what they were planning, and how that would help them through the WOD. As the weight increased of course and the strain of 12 minutes of work started to show its face, the tactics came into play.
The synchronised kettle bell swing in the last WOD was quite fun to watch and proved to be interesting as male and females had to swing the bells together to count as a rep, I was surprised to see very few swings out of sync!

Thanks to the event organisers as the event run very smoothly and on time which would have been hard to do as there were so many teams and two WOD’s running concurrently, great work Chris and the guys from Coastal Crossfit.

Now for the winners, RXD was taken out by The Dux Virus from CrossFit Dux team they finished three of the WOD’s in 1st place, great work guys, 2nd place was taken by Jamie Milne Training team from Jamie Milne Training who managed a very strong 2nd place in two of the four WOD’s, 3rd was taken by team Rawsome 1. Like all CrossFit competitions watching the winning RXD team shake hands and congratulate the 2nd and 3rd place teams makes amazing athletes even more amazing.

In the scaled division the Confront Avengers from CrossFit Confront took out 1st place, with CF Bribie Island Orange from CrossFit Bribie Island 2nd and the Core Energy Energisers from Core Energy in 3rd.

If you are going to be in an event or planning an event send me an email to make sure I capture the pulse of that event for you.

If you are a CrossFit box a team or an athlete looking for images of you or your team the images are for sale, email me with your team name and number and preferably a team photo.

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Here is some more content from my Facebook page of the event



Taken at Clash on the Coast for Coastal CrossFit Queensland here is a small gallery of the images of the 1st WOD, I will…

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