Hells Playground Round 2

Why is it that so many people do a PB at a competition? Is it because you have a judge watching your technique, or is it because you have your friends there watching, or is it because in the heat of the moment you push yourself just that little bit more, or is it all of the above? What I do know is that at the Hells Playground round 2,the 1RM squat clean WOD saw a lot of the athletes have smiles on their faces that could only mean one thing. A PB!

151011 Hells Playground Rd 2 2478.jpg151011 Hells Playground Rd 2 2583.jpg151011 Hells Playground Rd 2 2604.jpg151011 Hells Playground Rd 2 3102.jpg151011 Hells Playground Rd 2 3112.jpg

I am glad I was there to capture their emotions!

I am looking forward to covering the remaining 3 rounds! See you guys there.



Here is some more content from my Facebook page of the event








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