Wedding Photography

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who can capture the heart of your big day?

I will work with you to understand what makes you tick as a couple, to ensure you come away with amazing images of your wedding day. By taking in all of the details of your day, from the beading on your dress, to the brand of your shoes, to that moment you first see each other, to the celebration afterwards, my coverage of your wedding will tell the complete story of your love.

With over nine years experience in wedding photography, I capture the heart of your special day – the moments that you will cherish for years to come.

161111 Luke Tracy Bing 1066.jpg160910 Larissa Jason Banks 1106_1.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 0685_1.jpg161111 Luke Tracy Bing 1075.jpg161111 Luke Tracy Bing 1033.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 0734_1.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 0708_1.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 0234.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 0719_1.jpg160901Darren and Lauren Young 1158.jpg160910 Larissa Jason Banks 0629.jpg160910 Larissa Jason Banks 0423.jpg160910 Larissa Jason Banks 0676_1.jpg160910 Larissa Jason Banks 1274_1.jpg150208 Janice Ricky Parker 2012.jpg150208 Janice Ricky Parker 1990.jpg150207 Janice Ricky Parker 1669_1.jpg150207 Janice Ricky Parker 1071.jpg150207 Janice Ricky Parker 0456.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 2768.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 2003.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 1880 2_2.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 1665_1.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 1565_1.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 0721.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 0562.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 0415.jpg130323 Hughie Susie 0730.JPG130323 Hughie Susie 0521.JPG130323 Hughie Susie 0187.JPG130209 Jess and Paul 0506.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0365.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0344.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0310.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0152.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0082.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0055.jpg130209 Jess and Paul 0007.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0839_1.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0825.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0468.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0429_1.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0065.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0059.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0004.jpg120818 Leighton and Mim 0816.JPG120818 Leighton and Mim 0715.JPG120818 Leighton and Mim 0130.JPG120619 Brian Annie 190.jpg120619 Brian Annie 162.jpg

Contact me now for a time to discuss  your wedding photography needs.

Full day packages start from $2150