Are you looking to show yourself or your business in the best light? Would you like pictures of you or your business which tell your story without an explanation? Do your corporate portraits show you and your staff at their best? Would you like your pictures to show your passion and enthusiasm for your company?

Do you want photos that capture the pulse of your event? Images that depict your event at its best and meet all your requirements? Do you need quality images of the people behind your event, your sponsors, event staff and spectators at your event so that future event branding and marketing can take place? Are you looking for more than just a photographer who captures each contestant passing the finish line? Do you want a reliable solid performer who consistently delivers results?

Michael Coppola Photographics can deliver all of these photography requirements. I seek to understand your requirements for each event or shoot. Find the passion you have for what you do. Plan how to get the best angles to cover the event from a wide perspective, factoring all the information that we have discussed. Then I capture what you want as it happens without getting in the way.

My expertise is people in action, and I await your challenge.

090201 BJC IV 1016.jpg100207 BJC V 429.jpg130614 Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane 495 Team 14.jpg141004 Semper Paratus 0495.jpg121130 Jason Nuffer 010_1.jpg140820 SB Everfit 044.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 2003.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 1880 2_2.jpg110206 BJC VI 663.jpg140213 Absolute Edge 009-c27.jpg130614 Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane 541 Team 88.jpg121020 Kurt and Heather 0825.jpg110618 Oxfam Trailwalk 438.jpg140628 Andrew Maria Baker 1565_1.jpg141005 Semper Paratus 3958_1.jpg140211 Absolute Edge 077-c72.jpg140322 SB Everfit Manup 329.jpg140621 Everfitters Oxfam 55km 047.jpg131001 Crew SB Everfit 181.jpg130323 Hughie Susie 0521.JPG141005 Semper Paratus 3463_1.jpg130614 Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane 406 Team 456.jpg110714Suburban Boot Camp 28.jpg140820 SB Everfit 254_1.jpg120818 Leighton and Mim 0715.JPG140628 Andrew Maria Baker 2768.jpg141004 Semper Paratus 2253_1.jpg140831 CrossFit Nouveau Throwdown 0949.jpg120619 Brian Annie 190.jpgenvironmental portrait 131001 Crew SB Everfit 670.JPG141005 Semper Paratus 3329_1.jpg141004 Semper Paratus 2276_1.jpg