AusDay Mashup 2015

What an amazing idea for a CrossFit competition The AusDay Mashup 2015, run by CrossFit Rockhampton, you register as a couple, one male and one female, and turn up, you are then allocated another couple to be your team for the comp. With this in mind, I figured that the 7 hour drive from Brisbane was worth it, as it brought together all the things I love about CrossFit, everyone encourages everyone to do their best, no matter who they are or which box they belong to.

So teams of 4 people some of which had only just met, from neighbouring Boxes, getting together to do three tough WOD’s, on a hot humid day in Rockhampton, what else would you possibly want to do?

The first WOD a Clean to Press ladder with an endurance element as well as a team element was quite a good start. The next WOD in the hot humid weather would have tested the fittest of Athletes, a mixture of running and rowing with wall balls to top it off. The last WOD a chipper was nasty after all the work in the typical Queensland summer heat.

As a beginner to CrossFit reading the WOD’s and thinking how would I do? I still think I am in need of more prep work before taking on a comp myself, but I could see myself doing this comp one day!

The event ran smoothly with three levels, beginners intermediates and advanced athletes but there as always can only be one winner. Here is the winning team for each division:

Erin Georgeson & Harley Lebsanft CrossFit Rockhampton With Nicole Higlett & Cameron Goltz CrossFit 4701

1st Shane Crowley & Christee Bishop CrossFit 4740 With Sean O’Neill & Emily Powell CrossFit CQ

1st Amanda Jarvis & Matthew Lawson CrossFit Rockhampton With Marie Rattenbury & Brendan Hill CrossFit 4701

Congratulations to all who placed, but also to all who competed!

If you are going to be in an event or planning an event send me an email to make sure I capture the pulse of that event for you.

150124 Ausday Mashup 0080.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0104.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0250.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0378.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0460.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0538.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0564.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0693.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 0998.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 1041.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 1228.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 1261.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 1296.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 2561.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 2728.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 2756.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 2773.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 2840.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3191.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3263.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3376.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3491.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3504.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3624.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3632.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3649.jpg150124 Ausday Mashup 3657.jpg

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