Viking Wars 2015

The setting for the 2015 Viking Wars Crossfit competition was City 4051 CrossFit’s sports complex at Newmarket. It’s the most amazing space to work in, with a large floor area for the thruster ladder and two large rigs for pull ups and toes to bar in the chipper WOD, a huge sand pit for the leg-burning sandbag shuttle run, and lastly, a large area for the final WOD which included a 100kg prowler push.

The Viking Wars introductory video outlining the first WOD set the scene for what was going to be four very fun team orientated WODS. If you did not see it, check it out it is worth a look. What the videos did not show was just how hard the 96 teams comprised of two males and two females had to work. Three of the WOD’s were specifically set up for team participation, and some team tactics so a smart team with a good mix of members could do well, not just a strong team.

Everyone I spoke with agreed that the sand WOD was the hardest of the four, and some even said it was the hardest WOD they had ever done. Some of the pain faces I saw during the WOD were the worst I have seen.

Team “Please Make it Heavy” from CrossFit Unrest won both the first and fourth WOD’s which made them the overall winner on the day. Second place was taken by a team that travelled almost 800km to get to the comp. – “Raw Commando” from CrossFit Raw Commando in Singleton, NSW. There was a tie for third place, “Live Elite One” from Live Elite CrossFit and “Pillaging Unicorns” from CrossFit Brisbane.











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