Justin Cullen

Here is a wrap up for Justin Cullen.

I have linked my Facebook page post of the images taken at CrossFit Crossaxed while doing the #Cullen a workout in his name. Here are some amazing, funny and inspiring words from Rob Noy, the owner of CrossFit Crossaxed.

And here is a piece written by me about Justin with some help from his friends, posted on WOD Magazines website.

If you are sharing any images or thoughts about Justin, please use the #Cullen and #ele, ELE is short for everyone love everyone, it was Justin’s motto.

141004 Semper Paratus 2536.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0015.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0099.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0124.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0137.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0195.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0285.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0300.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0328.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0346.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0354.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0361.jpg150808 Cullen CrossAxed 0362.jpg


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